Bobbing For Apples

Chart 1

For chart 1 grade 8B had much better time groups than 8A.for example in the first 0 to 20 seconds grade 8B had 4 people that caught an apple in the first 0 to 20 seconds.8A only had 3.

chart 2
For chart 2 grade 8 B obviously had more apples caught in the first minute than 8A.e.g. 8A had 12 apples in the first miunte but 8B had 28 apples in the first minute.

chart 3
For chart 3 8B’s mean and median are higher than 8 A’s

mean for 8A 1.71    8B  4
median        2            3




On October 31, the grade 8B challenged the grade 8A class to a bobbing for apples dual in the gym at the F.E Madill. Each class choose 5 boys and 5 girls to see who could get the most apples in 1 minute.


Tag Your Friends

The Idea Hive is a program where two schools one form Wingham,Ontario and the other from Snow Lake, Manitoba can chat with each other online and do projects,etc together.

Something i have in common with most people from Snow Lake is that we play hockey, we like gym class and we have a dog. In Snow Lake Zach and Justin play hockey but they don’t have  the same favourite sports teams as me though. Two more people I have stuff in common with is Mercedes and Kassie, they both like gym class as their favourite subject in school.I wonder what their favourite part of gym class is?

Something i have in common with only a few people from Snow Lake is Katie and Holly. Katie has one dog named Dixie its close to my dogs name, my dogs name is Pixie. Holly has two cats. I wonder what there names are?

Something that is unique about me is that, i am the only one who watches the t.v show Bow Madness it is a reality show about the Drury boys and a couple other hunters who go on lots of hunting trip with their bows.That is what i want my job to be when I am older.

The person who is most like me from Snow Lake is Zach. he plays hockey and his favourite subject in school is gym class. His favourite sport to watch is hockey but he doesn’t have the same favourite sports team as me.He also has a dog, but i don’t know what its name is.the last thing we have in common is we both have never been outside of Canada, I wonder if he ever will go outside of Canada and get his dream vacation?

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